May 07, 2024

How Úsmev (Smile) by Inuko successfully helps another non-profit

In previous blogs, we introduced the applications we created for non-governmental organizations or non-profits. Among them, the most outstanding were our apps for the organization Cesta von, which helps marginalized communities throughout Slovakia to get out of the trap of poverty and to ensure a better life for future generations.

This work of ours was also noticed by other organizations and not long after Cesta von started working with apps from Inuko (Filip, Amal and Zebra), one of the oldest and best-known non-profits in Slovakia contacted us with a request for an app - Úsmev ako dar.


Help for children and families

Like Cesta von or other non-profits, Úsmev ako dar helps people in need, people who find themselves in difficult and unenviable life situations. The creed of Úsmev ako dar is "so that the family stays together" and it can already be seen from this that its members devote themselves mainly to children and youth, families at risk, but also to victims of crimes. They offer this care in their branches, but also in the field in the natural environment of clients, all over Slovakia. Dozens of workers help young people and families with finding or maintaining housing, with the integration of young people who have left the gates of Centers for Children and Families (former orphanages) into society. By long-term accompaniment, they help them through various difficult life situations and also assist these people in dealing with the authorities - for example, so that parents in need do not lose their children or their home, or when an excluded child returns to the family, or when looking for a foster family for an abandoned child.


There is an Úsmev app in the world

Úsmev ako dar turned to Inuko at the end of last year, and now the Úsmev app is in the world, which helps them in their work after years of struggling in confusing Excel tables and other documents. Our app, like those for the Cesta von non-profit organization, is clear and saves a lot of time, which the non-profit workers can devote to their activities. With each new client, the worker quickly and easily creates a new case through our app, writes down the anamnesis of the problem (e.g. removal of a minor from the family), creates a plan for working with the case (e.g. supporting the mother to manage parenting; her education in this direction) and looks for a solution together with the interested party - which, when found, is also recorded in the app (e.g. the successful stay of the child in the family, or finding a foster family).


The main benefit of Úsmev app is clarity

Each case has its own worker who works on it in the app together with managers. They then evaluate the progress of the cases and keep overall statistics (success, regionality, type of cases/clients, most prominent cases, etc.). When solving a problem, non-profit workers regularly meet with their clients, write down the achieved results and other goals, and thus the app always provides an overview of the entire case (number of meetings, contracts, goals, etc.). The app also sends reminders so that no one and nothing is forgotten and the case continues smoothly. Meetings with people in need are usually attended by two workers from the non-profit organization, in addition to the assigned social worker, the family is often also assigned a psychologist, special educator, or other social worker.

Consultations and interventions

Social workers from Úsmev ako dar divide these meetings into consultations (outpatient, field or telephone) and interventions for the benefit of the client, while all three types are clearly divided in our application. An outpatient consultation means a meeting at a branch of the non-profit organization, a field consultation is usually in the client's home environment or in another environment where they feel safe. Each consultation is recorded in the Úsmev app, with the main topic, what are the results and goals, who participated in the consultation and how long it lasted. Intervention, on the other hand, records the worker's help for the benefit of the client, when, for example, he takes care of necessary matters at the offices for him or together with him (by phone or in person). Calendar

In addition, the app does not only offer a space for registering clients and consultations, but in addition to direct work with the client, it can include all the aforementioned work around the client and other activities that the workers are engaged in. Thanks to the app, managers have the entire schedule of a worker in the palm of their hand. They know how to evaluate what they spend most of their time on, so they know how to increase efficiency. Alternatively, cut some tasks, if they evaluate that unnecessary time and energy is being devoted to something, or someone lacks time to work with clients.

Úsmev app makes life easier

The nonprofit currently helps 180 families (over 500 children and adults in total) and over 60 individuals, which means the app now includes over 200 cases. In the worst cases, the non-profit can also help financially if necessary. Each such aid is recorded and is thus in the system, so that it is clear how much was provided to whom and where, and that this material aid is not misused. Calendar

When it comes to feedback, workers praise our app because it made their lives easier and saved a lot of time, which they can now devote to those in need, and not to endless tedious search for data in confusing databases. Saving time also means that more people in need can be helped more quickly, of which, unfortunately, we still have enough in Slovakia. We are therefore glad that we could help another non-profit organization in a worthy activity. Because even with such small steps, we can contribute to a better life for people. And for those who are willing to help, we will at least simplify this activity from a technical point of view.