December 12, 2023

Inuko applications are helping on the way out of poverty

In addition to applications and business, we also would like to introduce you to another activity in which we have been involved during the year. It's not as much about technology as it is about people. And about how to develop the skills of those who are on the margins of society's interest. While thinking about where else to apply our "IT skills" and to contribute to some useful and positive activity, last spring we happened to come across the non-profit organization Cesta von (The Way Out) which is dedicated to poor people in excluded Roma communities in central and eastern Slovakia. And we established cooperation.


Education is the key

As it has been clear to us for a long time that education is the key to everything in life, we were intrigued by the efforts of Cesta von to develop this very area in poor settlements. Because only by providing sufficient education do people have a chance in the world. And this provision must be started as soon as possible and with those most in need – with children and young people because the first 1000 days of life have a fundamental impact on a person. We therefore decided to contribute with what we know best – with IT support so that this organization can also jump on the train of new trends and thus simplify its functioning and save time in its work with the Roma community. Our interest was met with a very positive response and Inuko has become a little part of the Cesta von. We have created two apps for them (see further) with which they can do their work more practically than through Excel sheets, while these apps support two programs of this non-profit organization.

The Omama program

Let us first have a few words about Omama. Omama is the first of Cesta von´s programs that focuses on supporting young Roma mothers and their children. The goal is to give these children the best possible start in life, so that they can later join the society and become a full-fledged part of it. Roma children – and their mothers – are in many cases at a disadvantage as they live in poor settlements and lack many habits that are common in the majority population. As part of the program, women directly from poor communities (they were given the nickname „omama“) therefore teach mothers how to properly take care of their children from birth and develop their abilities. In this way they get the foundations on which they can build later in kindergarten and school. With the help of mentors and experts, new possibilities open up to them, possibilities they did not even know about before. That is the most basic motive of this activity that we have joined. The way out of poverty is through education. Not only in childcare, but also in other areas.

Filip and Amal

The Omama program was already well underway at the time of our "arrival". What the people from Cesta von needed help with were two other programs that help develop the skills of people in marginalized settlements. We have thus created two apps for these programs – called Filip and Amal – which we will introduce to you together with the contents of these programs.