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Value Added Reseller

  • Connect your ERP to your vendor product catalog.
  • Create a virtual warehouse combining multiple vendors.
  • Drop-shipping from vendor directly to your end-customers.
  • Push products to eBay or Amazon, and keep stocks in sync with your warehouse.
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Rule base manufacturing

  • Delight your customers with extensive product variations.
  • Without the nightmare of managing hundreds of products and thousands of lines of bill of materials (boms) by hand.
  • Generate your full product catalog and bills of materials using our bom rules.
  • New product variation or change in production is a simple rule change, no need to search and update hundreds of places (and wondering if we found them all).
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Flexible Purchasing

  • Include shipping, taxes and other costs directly in the product cost.
  • Your purchase orders and invoices are not affected.
  • Use our rules and/or manually adjust unit price before receiving products to warehouse.
  • Record any surcharges or discounts on the purchase order lines and recalculate product unit cost.
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