What is
in the

Dashboards & Analytics

  • Simplify complex data into easily digestible visual formats for quick insights.
  • Filter in realtime to discover the trends you are interested in.
  • Gain an overview of your entire operation or zoom in to individual records to assess and improve business performance.
  • Provide decision-makers with timely and relevant information for strategic and operational decision-making.

Document Creation

  • Automatic or on-demand document generation, from one or multiple database records.
  • Export database records to PDF, Word and Excel, with text, tables and images.
  • Process (fill-out) Microsoft Word document templates with database data.
  • Apps can display and upload images and documents that are transparently stored on Microsoft SharePoint.


  • Standard Email & Password login is available.

  • MagicLink that sends a single use password to your email is also out of the box .

  • Users can also sign in with Microsoft (Azure) or Google.
  • No need for another user account.
  • No need to remember another password, manage the complexity policies, renewals, ....
  • Login can be multifactor protected and you can manage it centrally.